Door County Cherries

The abundance of cherries will sweeten any adventure in Door County. Driving along Hwy 57 or 42, there are cherry shops, cherry farms and fields of cherry trees. 

If you’re interested, visit the Cherry Blossom Report on the Door County website. Find out the best time to see the blossoms on the rows and rows of cherry trees. Usually in May or June.

It’s a sensory delight you don’t want to miss and they don’t last long. There are almost 2,500 acres of cherry orchards. When the buds burst, white and pink petals blossom and the air near the trees takes on a sweet, faint cherry aroma.

In July and August you can spend the day picking cherries for yourself or stroll around the local shops and pick up a cherry pie, jam or even salsa. The recipes are endless. There are three types of cherries found in Door County:

  • Montmorency
  • Balaton
  • Sweet 


Whatever flavor of cherry you pick, you’re sure to have a delicious vacation experience. Sign up for the Door County newsletter and learn more about one of the best spots to visit in Wisconsin.

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