About Audrey

Audrey Lynden writes contemporary romances and sets them in her beautiful home state of Wisconsin. There are always fun happenings, interesting histories and quirky traditions that happen in the many charming towns around the state. They happily find their way into her stories.

She’s a mom to three incredible sons and has a Hollywood crush on her husband. He was once described looking like a combination of Chris Noth and George Clooney and he’s never forgotten. Their home has always included a menagerie of pets. At least one or two rescue dogs, several hamsters, a pair of birds, frogs and a turtle named Maury.   

As a journalism major, she’s inclined to keep up with news, but dives deep into celebrity gossip for fun. She has a love for magazine subscriptions because they drop in her mailbox like Christmas gifts. Flipping through the pages, she always finds story nuggets for her novels.

Every winter, she binges all seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  

Her Cheering Section Includes:

  • Contemporary Romance Writers
  • Novel In Progress – West Bend, WI
  • Red Oak Writing – Milwaukee, WI
  • Wisconsin Writers Association
  • Chicago Writers Association
  • Women’s Fiction Writers Association

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